All seminars are held from 12:10pm – 1:30pm
Giannini Hall – UC Berkeley, Room 248
Date Presenter School or Institute Title of presentation
11/29/2017 Robin Burgess London School of Economics and Political Science “Do Agents Internalize the Environmental Costs They Impose on Others? Evidence from 100,000 Forest Fires in Indonesia”

(Joint with Clare Balboni, LSE and Ben Olken, MIT)

12/6/2017 Ryan Kellogg University of Chicago “Information Asymmetry, Drilling Distortions, and Oil and Gas Leases”
2/7/2017  Nicolai Kuminoff Arizona State Arizona
2/21/2018 Kenneth Gillingham Yale University
2/28/2018 Ram Fishman Tel Aviv University
3/14/2018 Lars Hansen University of Chicago [Joint with the Econ Departmental Seminar]

3/21/2018 Stephen Polasky University of Minnesota
4/11/2018 John Voorheis U.S. Census Bureau
4/25/2018 Eyal Frank University of Chicago
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