Fall 2016 Seminar Schedule

Date Presenter School or Institute Title of presentation
8/24/2016 Seema Jayachandran Northwestern University “Cash for Carbon: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Payments
for Ecosystem Services to Reduce Deforestation”
9/7/2016 Mathias Reynaert University of Toulouse  “Consumer Valuation of Fuel Costs and the Effectiveness
of Tax Policy: Evidence from the European Car Market”
9/21/2016 Chris Costello UC Santa Barbara  “Private Eradication of Mobile Public Bads”
10/5/2016 Akshaya Jha Carnegie Mellon / UC Berkeley  “The Local Environmental Consequences of Coal
Procurement at U.S. Power Plants”
10/19/2016 Valerie Mueller International Food Policy Research Institute  Labor Response to Climate Variation in Eastern Africa
11/2/2016 Janet Currie Princeton University  “Lead, Delinquency, and Crime: Evidence from Rhode Island”
11/16/2016 Ignacia Mercadal Columbia University  “Dynamic competition and arbitrage in electricity markets: The role of financial players”
12/7/2016 Tom Covert University of Chicago “Learning to be productive and learning to produce in the North Dakota Shale Boom”